Saturday, December 24, 2011

Traffic Jam. =.=!! LIKE HELL.

Ok, here's the thing. After Ken reach my house, then we head to one utama straight without wasting anytime. Yeah..It was 6pm. And yeah! We actually managed to reach there around 8pm..and go around looking for parking, hoping for a parking slot, following people out from the mall, hoping that THIS IS THE CAR that they will enter. but NOT. So, 30minute wasted. TIME FOR FOOD!...Owh yeah! i parked at the old wing, so i took 10minute to walk all the way to the new wing. Finally, PARADISE =D! BBQ PLAZA. So nice , so little ( small portion ), so many vege!! ( less meat ) Hungry ...

NEXT, mamak. Yeah . went back home without jam =D..of cuz la..where got jam at 12am wan..
Btw, my friend met a new friend name Ah Piao haha..( If you know what and who i'm talking about =) ) TEEHEE! NITE!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bye, Grandma =)

So today, i drove all the way to KLIA to send my grandma back to Sandakan. =)
Driving is truly boring, and those traffic jam seriously giving me headaches! Well, i went through it.
My grandma is old, very old. Honestly hope that she can always be well and healthy, live life without any frustration but only peace. Take Care!.

Back in action! Time.

Exactly 1 year passed..Time flies, time tells no lies. TIME. how amazing you are.
Sigh. Currently listening to

"O Holy Night" - Christina Grimmie

Her voice..melts my heart. I always wanted a white Christmas. Well, things that you want doesn't comes in without an effort right?
Well, today..i realize how TIME can change a thing, a person's character or even more.
People changes with TIME. Some getting better, some getting worse, and forgotten. Friends.
So much to say, yet Words can't describe it all.
Things are so much different from before..especially friends. They come and they go..leaving a trace, a mark, a footstep in your life. I learn to appreciate. I learn to love people. I learn a lot. At the very same time, i learn to be who i am. How nice if everyone is behaving like how they used to be? Here comes TIME, changing their character to Better OR Worse. This is not a thing that i can change. What i can do now is to adapt, to get myself used to the things that is already CHANGED!.

Christmas, i can hear your footstep...I am waiting, hoping for a better day, a better future., TO BE a better person.

Good night.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wedding Dinner

I will talk about the details after my exams =D
All in short, the wedding dinner was AWESOME!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Busy studying for the exams..
Exam period means less sleep more study and last but not least more suffering.
Enjoy!? I hope...Ridiculous..haha..
Will update right after exams.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. Happy New Year!

YEah! Happy New Year!
Here's the chance. For every mistake you done, every bad deed you did, there's a chance for you to get it right. Yes, it's new year, grab the chance before u lose it, and u shall never regret. Once again, Happy New Year!

Ok. Next! What's Your New Year Resolution?! Well, I only come out with one so far ahah! To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time. Epic imbaness! Hmm..i think i needa get more resolution loL! Perhaps a few serious one.

So, What did you do on new year eve?

Today, I went out with 3 friends of mine, all girls lol! Well, i am not the driver since i don't really like to get stuck in a jam. It's new year eve, you can't avoid getting stuck in one. So, thanks to the guide of our very dependable and trust-able human GPS - WONG YIN LI! We got to 1 Utama within a very short time. After the parking, we went to a shop called Garden. Well, the first thing that came into my head was...Is this on off the FULL HOUSE branch? The concept was kinda similar. Apparently, not. The food there was not bad, there were much  more choices of food compared to fullhouse. After the lunch,  went to do some window shopping. Due to insufficient amount of cash , i 'bookmark' down the items i wanted, waiting for my parents to so call sponsor me =D. Don't you agree? Great minds think alike! haha...Around 7 o'clock,  we depart from 1u and then headed to THE CURVE! As soon as we got out from the parking basement, we were shocked! The jam outside was terrible! You can call it a disaster. Cars are like ants crawling on the road moving inch by inch every few minutes. So, we decided to park the car near 1u, a dead end. Everyone parked there. We walked all the way to THE CURVE. The journey wasn't that bad. We took around 10 minute to get there. While walking, we saw a banner about a concert will be held at the curve. One of the performer will be Colbi O donnis ( sry if i did not get his name right ), and that explains the existence of all the crowds. We sat down at a restaurant called papa rich for like 1 and a half hour. Basically, all we did was chatting, joking around just to kill some time. The concert started around 11. When we got to the concert...All i saw was SEA OF WHITE! People already started spraying around madly! If you are not cautious enough, you will turn into a snowman within a second. The concert reach its highest peak when the main performer came out to perform. Everyone was spraying around...even stranger will get sprayed without noticing it. The concert was rather good! And then! We did COUNTDOWN!!! yea..ntg special, just 5,4,3,2,1 FIREWORKS! We couldn't get to see the fireworks clearly. So, we got ourself a better place, watching the fireworks right above our head. Our neck were really numb! After the fireworks, the moment the music stopped, we quickly rush to the shopping complex, trying to get in, just to dodge or avoid ourself getting spray by those white stuff ( Smelly and Sticky). We got into the shopping complex within no time...ahhaa..We are SAVE!!! and then, we meet up with  Maxon and others. After that, maxon they all went home. The night is still young! How can i allow myself to get home that early?! And then, we went to ss15 for supper, chat around like usual..had a solid meal...and finally got home. My day today was rather not bad! At least, i enjoyed =)


Good night! tomorrow will be a new day!
A brand new adventure awaits!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Caught a cold...Fall sick..
I hope that i can recover before new year eve so that i can enjoy myself to the EXTREME in the upcoming countdown event!...But, if i fail to do so, i will be doing the countdown at home..bored to the EXTREME as well.. Hope to recover soon..haha...

Take care. Good night.