Saturday, December 24, 2011

Traffic Jam. =.=!! LIKE HELL.

Ok, here's the thing. After Ken reach my house, then we head to one utama straight without wasting anytime. Yeah..It was 6pm. And yeah! We actually managed to reach there around 8pm..and go around looking for parking, hoping for a parking slot, following people out from the mall, hoping that THIS IS THE CAR that they will enter. but NOT. So, 30minute wasted. TIME FOR FOOD!...Owh yeah! i parked at the old wing, so i took 10minute to walk all the way to the new wing. Finally, PARADISE =D! BBQ PLAZA. So nice , so little ( small portion ), so many vege!! ( less meat ) Hungry ...

NEXT, mamak. Yeah . went back home without jam =D..of cuz la..where got jam at 12am wan..
Btw, my friend met a new friend name Ah Piao haha..( If you know what and who i'm talking about =) ) TEEHEE! NITE!

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